two worlds in one – part 2

After writing my last post Two Worlds in One, I chanced upon this video clip, where Charles Leadbeater talks about “Open” and “Closed” systems.

The open system is not organized (much like an FOC course where no one is designated as Official Facilitator), while the closed system is highly systematized and structured. While Leadbeater was applying the concept to organizations, they can also apply to individuals. Now, superimposing this dimension against the two worlds I earlier described, people can come in many forms – clustered, for the sake of illustration, into four groups:

Four Types of Members/Participants

Four Types of Members/Participants

I – Face-to-face/Closed. These will be participants or members of the community who want things structured and are able to make sense of relationships only with physical encounter. With these two characteristics in combination, their communities will tend to be rather small, but solid and predictable.

II – Virtual/Closed. These will be participants or members who would participate in the Web 2 technologies but would wanting for someone to take certain fixed roles, e.g., they would demand that there must be a designated Facilitator (even if you rotate members in assuming the role), designated Moderator, designated Secretary, etc. – all coming from what organized groups of the past used to be (which will include Scouts, Civic Clubs that insist on using Roberts Rule of Order, etc.)

III – Virtual/Open. These will be participants or members who are more “free” in their orientation and interaction. It is as free as the 15-sec browsing and the jumping from page to page. They are the people who somehow bear witness to the order in chaos. They thrive on connections and feeds.

IV – Face-to-face/Open. These will be participants or members who can live with the lack of structure but would insist on a certain minimum physical contact. They for instance need to be assured that the people they are interacting with in the Chats are real and not bots. They’d like to put flesh and blood into the dot coms and the @.

Interesting world we live in!


Facilitating On-line

I did it! After lurking for so long and in the midst of my extremely hectic schedule, I am on-line and taking my first attempt at actively participating in the Facilitating On Line Communities.

My interest in on line facilitation goes back many years, but I have never really had the time to get serious with it. I am excited and am looking forward to learning this way of facilitating learning as an enhancement of my current face to face activities.