About Greg & Ivy Barcelon

In the physical world, I am known as Dr. Greg. In the virtual world, I am nobody – simply inspired by the insight of Michael Wesch who says that nobody is stupid when it comes to the Web 2 (i.e., we are all stupid in that what we are working on have only been there in the last 3 years or so).

My first degree was in Liberal Arts, major in Economics. As a young professional I was eager to contribute to the development of my country of birth, the Philippines. When I first worked as an apprentice Economist I realized that the biggest sector that drives development in a country was the Business Sector. Knowing that I knew very little of business, I took up formal business studies by pursuing my MBA. After understanding business a little bit more, it dawned on me that the biggest problem of business is not money, not technology, not equipment – but, people. This lead me to a desire in learn more about people. And I thought that if I had to learn more about people it would probably be helpful if I learned first about the abnormal types before I went to those who were considered more normal. That’s when I took up special studies in Clinical Psychology, which subsequently brought me to my Doctoral studies in Industrial Counselling Psychology. And when I learned about people, I realized that the biggest problem of people is that of continually finding meaning in life – at any age!

What meaning do we now have in our life? Sharing! After my wife, Ivy, and I did very lucrative practice of our professions (professional consulting for individuals, groups and organizations) we found out that what we have been doing all along might have been great but not really optimal. We discovered that God has given us so many talents, so much expertise, scores of experiences, yet we were just giving them to those who can pay us (good money). Our eyes were opened to the fact that there are many people out in the world who need all the we can offer and yet will never be able to avail of our services because they’ll never be able to afford our fees. This transformation brought us to getting involved more with “no-pay” activities — reaching out mostly to people who are marginalized by the system that we have ardently supported and promoted through our professions.

We now live in British Columbia, Canada and we still take on some paid work from time to time, to put food on the table, but otherwise, we just go out and connect.

We now define our purpose in life as being humble servants in sharing God’s love by enlightening minds, enabling competencies, and transforming lives for meaningful existence of those He brings us to meet.


One Response

  1. Dear Greg and Ivy,
    Hi, how are you two and family?
    I saw this sanctuary while browsing through the web, wanting to know your latest initiatives. I have sent you an email, for good prospect to help APEX, a drive for elevating the performance/status of our declining public universities.
    I do hope you would love to perform in Malaysia again.
    Lokman Awang

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