Heart2Heart Joining Instructions

Saturday, November 8, 2008  00:00 UTC Time

Overview: Heart2Heart Online is a structured communication process in which certain rules are adhered to in order to create the safety for a deep level of communication to occur without the fear of condemnation, unsolicited advice, interruption, or being rushed.
Objective: The objective of a Heart2Heart Online session is to allow people to express their feelings in a supportive environment virtually. It is not intended to be a discussion or a verbal exchange. The connection among the participants is achieved at the level of the heart – the feeling of simply being oneself and being accepted for what one is feeling – not at the level of verbal language or exchange of words.

Venue: Please log on at : (contact Greg & Ivy)

Hardware Requirement: Participants must have, at least a working microphone connected to their computer. Webcam is optional but would be an added feature. They should launch the session ahead of time to test their device setting.

Suggested Protocol: Participants are requested to abide strictly by the guidelines listed below:

  1. The Heart2Heart session will start straightaway after a brief introduction and welcome of the participants. While the session is on-going, a slideshow of inspirational scenes and quotes will be visible on the main whiteboard of the WiZiQ virtual classroom;
  2. Participants will be given the control of the microphone one at a time for a maximum of 3 minutes, according to a set sequence (according to how they are listed on the control panel of the facilitator). Nobody is allowed to pass when one’s turn comes. The minimum a participant is expected to say is “I feel I am not ready to share anything yet” or something similar;
  3. Only the person with the microphone is allowed to talk. Everyone else listens intently and tries to empathize with the speaker;
  4. To signify our listening and presence during the sharing, while one participant is talking, chat box messages/entries are encouraged but must be limited to short, affirmation statements towards the speaker or what is being shared. Questions, comments and other types of entries are to be avoided;
  5. The most important behaviors expected from the participants are candor and genuine sharing of feelings (when speaking) and attentive listening (when not taking the turn to speak);
  6. The microphone control will be passed around as many times as the session duration (maximum 90 minutes) will permit.

Waiver: The session is purely a venue to express feelings and be oneself. While support will be given by other participants, by way of encouraging and positive remarks, each participant is responsible for his/her own disposition and decisions before, during and after the session.

Note: No recording of the session will be made. Personal information about the participants will also be kept confidential. If anyone would like to open communication lines with any other participants, they could do so by exchanging e-mail address in the chat box.

Greg & Ivy Barcelon


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