heart2heart online

Being able to connect to the world through Web 2 tools and spend long hours in the computer exchanging intellectual material with anyone available is cool. On the other hand, at the end of the day we need to face ourselves again and reconcile with who we really are. The power we exercise in being able to interact digitally in an anonymous/faceless manner can win us many battles and give us a great sense of power.  In some cases, however, it can only be a convenient escape – from our basic need to feel safe, valued and loved. As human beings, our innermost desire is to love and be loved unconditionally.

And whereas modern society applauds the independent person, the one who can attain self-actualisation alone, the self-assured individualist, what we really need is to connect once again to how we are truly one with each other at the deepest level. Our beliefs in separation, scarcity and struggle brought about by the materialistic mindset have led us to fear and compete with each other. The result has been increasing discomfort and a growing sense of powerlessness, not only individually but as a society.

We want to explore whether we can provide a community online where one can be simply oneself — able to share one’s deepest feelings without the fear of being rejected, judged, stopped, or criticized.

But there are issues unique to the virtual world that is not true of the physical world. One such issue is that of authenticity. The absence of verifiable information about a person leaves it open to people joining in under fantasized and contrived personality and wreck havoc on what otherwise could be a very meaningful session.

I wonder how this can be managed.


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