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on participation

Based on my experience of interacting with various communities on-line I am now inclined to believe that on-line participation is a function of on-line relationships, can be captured in the following formula:

The meaning of Media Richness can be found in the following table:

This means that with High Media Richness, even lower frequency of contact can bring on-line relationships. On the other hand, it will probably take a thousand e-mail messages or threaded discussions before the same impact of face-to-face contact or video conferencing session can be equalled.

I’d refer back to my earlier post about set-up. Choosing platforms that can provide higher media richness will determine success of an on-line community, to a very large extent. Along this line, I am looking forward to participating in Nellie’s & Minhaaj’s  “Connecting Online COO9” as they set it up on Ning, Blogger and WizIQ. It will be interesting to see how this set-up encourages greater participation and relationships.


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  1. I helps to be able to see and hear a person. I sometimes wonder if people don’t exaggerate my natural “smart ass” style into something more than it is.
    What has me wondering is, why do so many people browse and lurk and even sign up but never participate fully? I think this deserves some fuller investigation because I don’t think that people are not interested but have really valid concerns for their levels and styles of participating. It’s our responsibility to learn what goes on in people and try to make it easier for them to come in.
    This deserves a thorough going over. And it need not all be speculation because I can tell you that I almost didn’t even enter this course. So if you want to know why, I can tell you. Also I can tell you why I participate at the level I do and I think I can understand what the “unknown elements” (non-participating “members”) are going through in observing this whole process apprehensively.

  2. […] she connects to in other posts while Greg has been actively representing his thoughts through graphics, while Andrew has started a concept map “to make better sense of the […]

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